Financial Literacy Pt.2

Financial Literacy: What’s the Health of you Portfolio Pt. 2 Darrell Hacket, President, BMO Wealth Management and Paul King, Mark Moultrie, Levoi Brown and Todd Gilleyen.

In Part 2 of our financial literacy series, we took a deeper dive to discuss more specific topics on Banking and Investing. Because of the significance of the information being presented, this session was open to both African-American men AND women across the financial literacy spectrum.

In order to accommodate a more intimate discussion, we had simultaneous breakout sessions on these 2 topics.

Banking: Home Financing, Real Estate investing and Small Business Financing

  • Breakout facilitated by Levoi Brown & Mark Moultrie, BMO Wealth Management

Investing: Short -Term and Long-Term Investing Principals

  • Breakout facilitated by Paul King & Todd Gilleylen, BMO Wealth Management

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