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We put our mission into action through our programs.

Get a closer look at how our programs work and how you can get engaged. Whether it’s developing future philanthropy leaders through LEAD or advancing educational innovation with the 1954 Project, learn how you can join us in making an impact. 


LEAD Internship Program

Our Chicago-based internship program connects college sophomores and managers in social impact with the experiences and networks necessary to excel. LEAD participants gain practical insights and develop professional skills through targeted training and mentorship, preparing them to be the next generation of change-makers in education and philanthropy.

The 1954 Project

Education, Innovation, and Philanthropy

We launched the 1954 Project to fuel the impact and genius of Black nonprofit education leaders.


We grant $1 million Luminary Awards and Beacon Awards to leaders reshaping U.S. education. They receive unrestricted funding, professional support, and membership in an unparalleled network.

Applications for the 1954 Project are currently closed.

Building on the Promise of Brown v. The Board of Education

This initiative champions Black innovators in education who are committed to the vision of equitable and exemplary education for all. We provide the essential support these leaders need to turn this enduring promise into reality and shape the future of the United States educational system.

Meet The Network Members

These leaders are driving innovation and changing the way the education system works for students across the United States in these three grantmaking areas: 


  1. Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    Creating more effective, equitable, and culturally affirming teaching and learning models to better serve all students. 


  2. Diversity in Education 
    Increasing the number of Black educators and leaders through innovative initiatives and programs.


  3. Pathways to Economic Mobility  
    Strengthen pathways from education to career to increase Black students' and families' economic mobility. 

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