Our Mission, Vision, & Values


We will make strategic investments in organizations that are aligned with our vision for large scale impact in college access/success and career attainment. We will support individuals through various stages of leadership development and professional growth. We will strengthen the pipeline of students and professionals that come from underserved communities, and train them to reinvest in those same communities, encouraging a mindset of paying it forward.


We will lead the effort to ensure that all Chicagoans in the most underserved communities have access to the necessary resources to progress through life full of vision, confidence, and agency. We will be the model for innovation, collaboration, and authenticity.


  • We believe that to whom much is given, much is required and
    that love is the cornerstone of our work.
  • We believe that age is not an accomplishment and youth is not a sin; we must learn from both.
  • We believe that collaboration is vital to sustainability and everyone has the potential to be a leader. We meet people where they are and create an environment to cultivate their growth.
  • We believe in starting with our communities of greatest need and that a lack of resources should not hinder success.
  • We believe that investing in our young people today will ultimately change the world.

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