Internship Programs

Several studies have indicated that students graduating with internship experiences, in general, are more likely than students without those experiences to find employment upon graduation. Further, in addition to having employment opportunities evolve directly from their internship sites upon graduation, interns have enhanced employability after successfully completing their internships even prior to graduation.

*In conjunction with Cleveland Avenue, LLC, The CAFE created an internship experience, CA LEADS, targeting rising college sophomores and designed to expose interns to experiences and people that will have a meaningful and relevant impact on their ability to land that first great job out of college.


eadership & Teaming Opportunities

Exposure to Industry

Awareness & Engagement in Community

Development & Mentoring Relationships

Summer Experience & Memories

In its pilot summer in 2018, The CAFE and Cleveland Avenue hosted 8 interns from across 7 universities with the goal of providing an excellent experience for the interns and learning from their input and feedback in order export the program to other organizations across the city of Chicago.

In 2019, The CAFE Partnered with family foundations to further implement and improve the CA LEADS internship program. We will increase the number of partnering foundations in the summer of 2020 with the goal of a full roll-out in the summer of 2021.


*Callanan & Benzing, 2004; D’Abate, 2010; Gault, Redington & Schlager, 2000; Knouse, Tanner, & Harris, 1999; Knouse & Fontenot, 2008; The Positive Implications of internships on Early Career Outcomes, Natalie Saltikoff, 2017

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