OnJaLee LaShay

Social Networking Specialist

Originally from Shawnee, KS, OnJaLee LaShay moved to Chicago bravely by herself in hopes of becoming a famous blues singer and songwriter in 2006. Soon after that, she discovered she loved promoting artists more than being one. She quickly began her entrepreneurial career as an event planner and worked to strengthen entrepreneurship through her unique networking events all over the city. She was given the nickname "The Connector" because it seemed she knew everyone from local poets and musicians to Corporate CEOs of Chicago's biggest businesses. OnJaLee also spent almost 10 years in the airline industry working as a flight attendant before working her way up to management. During the pandemic, she decided to strengthen her creative abilities by studying and teaching herself graphic design focusing on social media management for small businesses. Her work as a social media manager leads her to The Cafe Group in 2022. In her spare time, OnJaLee loves to experience everything Chicago has to offer with her husband Dame and her closest friends.

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